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at his house

"I’ve kissed many lips along the way, although none make me crave such a taste like yours. The taste of smoothness and sensuality, the taste of a lifetime I wouldnt mind living with." - (via peek-a-boo-iseeyou)

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who are you? 

'A small perspective'by: Pamela Diaz
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pamfrandiaz !

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'Safe and Sound.'by: Pamela Diaz
'Sushi Roll.' by: Pamela Diaz
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Sunday June 9th 2013

I hope I won’t ever feel like I felt on Sunday. It was an uncontrollable pain, I’ve never cried so much in my life; my whole body trembled but it wasn’t cold outside. My chest started to hurt but the pain was inside, all of it was inside. Pure scorching pain burned inside of me and tears came out of me like waterfall, only thing to do was to hold the phone next to my ear and cry. Cry it all out. For all the months that passed and all I wanted to try to do was to cry, I finally did but in the worst place ever. 
No matter what, the feeling was unbearable but I let a huge weight off my shoulders but the thoughts will always wander in my mind. The thoughts will never leave, they will haunt me but only if I let them to do so.